The Lunchbook Provides Plenty of Recipes with Pages that Double as Dishes

 - Aug 11, 2012
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The idea behind the Lunchbook is an eccentric and an enticing one, suggesting that the very volume that instructs on your supper might become your salver as well. Alessandro Garlandini and Sebastiano Ercoli are responsible for the quirky concept that won them first prize at the Expopack paper lunchbox competition for Expo Milan 2015.

Similar to an ordinary book, the Lunchbook is made up of a stack of bound sheets, each printed with a combination of text and graphics. Where the object becomes unusual is in the concave sculpting of the mostly circular pages, turning flat leaves into effective dinner bowls.

Every folio of the Lunchbook features a recipe from a different part of the world and the region's traditional decor makes up the artistic border of each plate. Once all directions are complete, the finished dish can be served up on top of its explanation.