The LUMOback Sensor Vibrates When You Slouch

 - Jun 30, 2012
References: facebook & kickstarter
As most of us spend our days in front of a computer, it is inevitable that we are bound to slouch, but the LUMOback is out to fix that problem. Slouching not only causes bad posture, but can also lead to prolonged back problems that can be painful and uncomfortable. It is easy to forget, or not even notice that we are doing it.

This sleekly designed belt is equipped with a sensor that detects when you are slouching, in many different positions. So whether you are sitting, running, laying down or walking, it will start to vibrate as a reminder to correct your posture. The device also connects via bluetooth to an App that tracks all of the data it collects, and a cute screen bean named LUMO actually mimics your positions. The LUMOback belt is very thin and discrete, so it can be worn under clothing, and no one will notice.