The Lumitact

As October ends, and with it Breast Cancer Awareness month, French art student Stephanie Choplin has created something to deliver an ongoing awareness.

Designed for women who have had a mastectomy, the Lumitact came about as a result of patients having lost a special part of their body they identified with their beauty, and also lost a certain confidence and a sense of femininity.

Honoring Breast Cancer Survivors, Stephanie Choplin "Realizes the importance of holding on and embracing our feminine side."

"Lumitact is an adhesive, tactile breast prosthesis that integrates Philips Lumalive material into its design."

As best described in her own words, the artist gives the following explanation:

"The luminous textile allows an observer to play with animated virtual entities. Animation gives the feeling that the prosthesis is not sluggish any more. Luminescent shapes are continually moving lovingly.

She adds, "An tender amorous game starts when the prosthesis is touched. The shapes slide softly toward the zone touched, like the shiver of a caress on the skin."

Truly remarkable. Take a look at some more Philips and glow fabric technology below.