Lucas Simoes Creates Evocative and Distorting Images

 - Mar 28, 2012
References: flickr &
Lucas Simoes's obscure portraits depict figures which we recognize as faces (or were at some point) that have been contorted and deformed using a variety of juxtaposing and disfiguring techniques.

Within these portraits by Lucas Simoes we notice a wide use of vibrant and energetic colors; this color schemes adds vitality to the dynamic composition of the illustrations. The portraits appear to be expressing an emotion despite the excessive creative distortion that encompasses the illustration.

Familiar and confusing, Lucas Simoes takes a common form (portrait photography) and redefines it in order to communicate a message through expression and vibration -- much like how a smile can express joy. Opposite to a clear and focused depiction of a simple facial gesture, these illustration nonetheless contain a powerful emotion unique to its character.