Let Someone Know How Much You Love Them with the Love Greeting Card

 - Oct 17, 2013
References: etsy & fancy
This love greeting card is a cute and quirky way to tell someone just how you feel about them.

The card from fifiduvie on Etsy is displayed as a checklist and it lists different levels of love. However, instead of just a scale from one to ten, the options are more personal. For instance, if you’re giving this card to a spouse, you can check off ‘so much that I changed my last name’ for a joke, along with more sentimental options such as ‘to the moon and back’ and ‘forever and ever and ever.’ There are also cute options for couples that are just dating like ‘I love you as much as you love football’ which actually means a lot if your partner is a football fanatic.

If you’re giving this to your best friend who gets your humor, check off ‘equal to bacon-flavored popcorn’ or ‘enough to send this card’ on the love greeting card.