This Love Bot Will Choose a Potential Mate for You

 - Aug 12, 2015
References: dattasaurabh & psfk
Saurabh Datta designed an automated love bot that helps users find their potential mate by analyzing a series of photos. While there are a number of different dating tools available on the market, sorting through the multitude of potential matches can be a time-consuming process. This clever bot will help you find love by doing the searching for you.

The automated system is called 'Conditional_Lover' and works by analyzing your potential love matches based on their profile pictures. The love bot carries out this task through the use of a built-in camera. Simply select different physical preferences such as age, ethnicity and smile and the love bot will hunt down a suitable mate. 'Conditional_Lover' also takes cues from your recorded preferences to find more exact matches over time.

The clever invention demonstrates that consumers are eager to use technology as a means of making the dating process a little bit easier.