Sudara Garments are Indian-Made with Love, Grace & Craftsmanship

 - May 7, 2018
Sudara is a loungewear brand that's best known for its Punjammies — a flowy and vibrantly patterned crossover silhouette between pajamas and at-home pants. Offering an extensive lineup of garments for men, women, children, as well as various sleep sets and accessories, Sudara's pride does not only originate from its exquisite Indian craftsmanship.

The loungewear brand has an admirable mission to liberate women and indefinitely grant them freedom from sex slavery through safe and sustainable living-wage employment. As a result, Sudara has established multiple sewing centers that train and empower women. Every comfort-inducing style is named after a woman at one of the centers. This ultimately commemorates the workers and associates them with the end product.

Ethical and cause-oriented, the loungewear brand strongly communicates the value of each and every one of its workers and supporters.