Louis Porter Lenses the Mundane With Mastery and Muster

The Louis Porter 'Unknown Land' captures energize the primary colors of everyday suburbia. The Melbourne-based, English-born artist can "...photograph suburbia like an antipodean David Lynch," says Porter's site.

The collection is a series of compositional studies. Each work incorporates the motif of hyper-mundane suburban life, with hazy editing techniques and washed-out lighting. While the theme is tightly maintained, each photograph holds a freshness and energy. The focus on primary colors enhances the dreariness of the small town setting while also revitalizing it.

The feeling evoked in the viewer is a cross between dread and comfort. The subjects within the pieces are experiencing entrapment. The characters are caught in this mundane life, but experience the luxury of security and the warmth of the sun bouncing off the cement walls and cracking sidewalks.