Jack Lamburn's Lotus Esira Concept Focuses on Lightness & Agility

 - Jul 20, 2010
References: coroflot & carbodydesign
The design of the 'Lotus Esira Concept' by Jack Lamburn is based on the Lotus philosophy of innovation, lightness and agility. The Lotus Esira Concept is a two-seater futuristic sports car that features a fabric body wrapped around a tubular frame. The fabric body consists of two high impact absorbing materials: 'd30’ and metal rubber. 'd30' provides complete protection to the rider in case of an accident, while the metal rubber reacts to the movement of the wheels and suspension.

The 'Lotus Esira Concept' also features two asynchronous electric motors to power rear wheels and lower the center of gravity for agility. The interior is made of carbon fiber and a honeycomb structure.