This Suitcase by Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin is 60s Chic

 - May 9, 2014
References: scheublinlindeman & mocoloco
Sleek and sophisticated are two words that describe Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin's "Suitcase" design. The 60s inspired travel accessory is a piece of luggage that boasts the look of a vintage furniture piece.

It's fabric-wrapped face is accented with a snap-fastened roll back element that is reminiscent of a retro filing cabinet design. This stunning luggage piece is a must-have for design enthusiasts with an avid love of travel.

The product was presented as part of the Lindeman/Scheublin 2014 collection that features two other pieces: a wooden clock and two small bags that also feature a vintage look. Design Academy Eindhoven graduates Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin have shared a studio space since 2006, and launched their first joint collection in 2014.