Lotte Geeven Presents the River Book and Sound Piece

 - Apr 16, 2014
References: & designboom
Lotte Geeven has taken fragments of various poems and books documenting the Mississippi River, and turned them into a comprehensive audio soundtrack in ode to the natural phenomenon. The installation is set up in The May Gallery, New Orleans, where listeners can participate in the work for an hour and fifteen minute reading.

Instead of participants going into a blank room to sit down, the area itself is colorful and a work of art. Various rectangular sections run down the center of the room, all of which are different colors. Perhaps they are supposed to represent the changing hues of the Mississippi River, and give people a visual component to the installation. It's incredible that Lotte Geeven was able to take so many different literary works, and piece them together into one cohesive story. The piece was produced with support from The Mondriaan Fund, Rosa Mary Foundation, The Netherlands America Foundation, RISO, Michael Wilkinson and the May Season Members.

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