'Lost Signs' by Phil Jones Mocks Street Notices Using Clever Exposition

 - May 8, 2012
References: phildesignart & blog.thaeger
Phil Jones’ 'Lost Signs' is a collection of witty notices that lovingly parodies posters you’d see in the city. Though they look homemade and not particularly special, the nuggets of comedic gems you experience while reading one of these signs will instantly brighten up your day. Posters featuring Medusa heads, ninjas, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles references and a whole lot more are just some of the eclectic things you can expect from this wonderful series.

Also notable about the 'Lost Signs' collection is how well Phil Jones uses form to amplify function, which in this case is to facilitate humor. One of his posters solicits plumbers or swimming instructors, with the information portion of the notice drenched in water and producing runny ink. Viewers can safely assume a flood occurred in the poster maker’s home, and the way that information is conveyed is simply ingenious.