The Orcrist Lord of the Rings Sword Chops Down Evil Creatures

 - Feb 13, 2013
References: thinkgeek & geekalerts
The long fantasy cleaver known as the Orcrist, is a Lord of the Rings sword straight out of the movie.

With its long, curvy blade made of solid metal hilt and acrylic resin grip, this sword is quite hefty and potentially dangerous. When faced with evil monsters, it is definitely a benefit to have this bad boy by your side. For those who remember the great Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit movie who gripped this impressive blade, they can reenact scenes of epic battles with it.

Details such as the simulated gemstones embedded in the hilt and the etched runic inscription make the Orcrist Lord of the Rings Sword a very close replica to the original version.