The Cablox is a Discrete Set of Lugs that Grip Long Cords to Desks

 - Dec 13, 2015
References: fancy & fancy
While tech devices are handy to have and they offer simplification to diverse aspects of consumers' lives, they often come with a series of long cords that add clutter and potential tripping hazards in a home. The Cablox management system is an adhesive series of pads that grip onto furniture allowing consumers to tuck away cables and keep a cord-free room aesthetic.

The Cablox is a simple device featuring a minimalist design and structure that makes a huge difference in clearing away unwanted cords. The device is essentially a rectangular set of knobs that the cords can be wrapped onto pulling the wires off of the floor and tucking them into the crevices of desks, chairs or TV stands. This is ideal for home owners looking to pull the wires off of the ground and conceal them from view.