This Oak Umbrella Stand Mimics the Opening of a Parasol in Timber Sticks

 - Mar 14, 2013
References: londonundercover & likecool
Contemporary in concept and vaguely traditional in craftsmanship, the London Undercover Oak Umbrella Stand is a charming domestic accessory to accent your front foyer. It serves to prop up your soaking wet rain protection contraption, to keep from puddles forming and to look good while doing both of these things.

Handmade by Method Studio in Linlithgow, Scotland, the tall timber container comprises a collection of staves of various lengths. These have been assembled around a drip-tray bottom and a rubber ring towards the top, creating a flaring form rather than a cylinder; this broadening silhouette mimics the opening of an umbrella. For a modern twist to the Oak Umbrella Stand, elastic cords in bright orange or green have been threaded through the sticks to secure and elevate the outdoor gear and allow for better ventilation.