The Loewe MCZ Scenario Combines Your TV and Fireplace

For a while there, the debate was about which should be the focal point in the room, but with the release of the Loewe MCZ Scenario, the fireplace and the TV can both share the spotlight. Thanks to a collaboration between two capable companies, one no longer has to separate his source of warmth and entertainment ever again.

The sleek piece of technology incorporates a Loewe 37-inch LCD television, with 60W speakers and your choice of a gas fireplace or even a wood-burning stove! The unit is sheathed in a layer of durable tempered glass to protect your widescreen and wall, giving the duo a delightful frame to set off the tempting visuals they both offer. To improve on perfection, the Loewe MCZ Scenario offers storage for DVDs and BluRay discs and a universal remote to operate both elements -- unless you opted for the wood stove.