The Locus Seat and Desk by Focal Upright Furniture is Healthier

 - Jan 31, 2013
References: focaluprightfurniture & psfk
The adverse effects of sitting day in and day out for a desk job has been studied and documented over the last few years, prompting furniture companies to modify such furniture for the health of workers everywhere; the Locus Seat and Desk recently won the Attendee's Choice award at the The National Ergonomics Conference for addressing this important issue.

Designed by Focal Upright Furniture, the Locus Seat and Desk doesn't force people to stand all day like some alternatives. Instead, it has tweaked the seat and desk height to allow the user to reside in a place between standing and sitting. Leaning slightly forward with legs' outstretched, it promotes better posture and blood circulation. The company also claims that the Locus Seat and Desk will "energize the worker and focus productivity," Psfk reports.