Locklery Turns One's Cutlery Into a Stimulating Puzzle Game

 - Aug 7, 2017
References: kickstarter
Though cutlery is a functional part of one's repast, it also has a rich history as decorative accoutrement to a meal, and the Locklery cutlery set takes that design aspect seriously. The premium set, which comes with a two each of forks, knives, and spoons, is designed in an intricate, sculptural manner that's both physically appealing and pleasingly tactile.

The Locklery cutlery set is inspired by the Kongming Lock, an ancient Chinese joinery puzzle that requires the user to carefully arrange blocks of wood to form a three-dimensional cross. The handles of the Locklery set imitate the joints in the Kongming Lock, allowing the pieces to combine to form a similar shape. That, coupled with their premium stainless steel implements and smooth black handles, make the Locklery set a fascinating tableware option.