The Lockheed HULC Exoskeleton Gives Soldiers Superhuman Strength

 - Sep 16, 2015
References: techeblog
The Lockheed HULC Exoskeleton is designed to not only allow soldiers to carry roughly 200lbs of cargo, but also travel up to 12-miles before needing a recharge. Capable of giving humans the ability to lift and carry unfathomable levels of weight with minimal effort, the Lockheed HULC Exoskeleton is designed for giving that extra level of agility when doing traditional military protocol or when on the battlefield.

While we are moving more towards a completely autonomous military on a worldwide scale, we're seeing the introduction of more complex robotics equipment like the Lockheed HULC Exoskeleton more frequently. It's clear that while we could implement robots for a number of different tasks, outfitting soldiers with complex equipment will make a better improvement in the short term.