The 'Living with Multiple Sclerosis' Chart Shows Effects

 - Jun 2, 2012
The 'Living with Multiple Sclerosis' infographic is a very interesting chart on who the disease affects, what it does, and where it is most prevalent. In Europe alone the inflammatory disease affects over 600,000 people, with the highest area of issue being Germany with 100,000+ people living with the disease. Luckily, Germany ranks as #1 for having the highest quality of life for people living with MS, closely followed by Iceland and Sweden.

Using the body outline, the infograph also highlights what MS actually does and how the people that live with MS are affected. Most people experience some form of balance or coordination problems, nerve issues and fatigue among other symptoms. The consequences of these affects of MS result in pain, difficulties moving and sleep problems.

The infographic is a fascinating look at a quite common disease that affects a lot of people.