The Live-Top RV Lets You Enjoy Nature from the Treetops

 - Feb 8, 2012
References: & designbuzz
The Live-Top RV is an aptly named concept camper from designer Danilo De Roberto. The Live-Top has the design of a typical RV, except for a few added features. The most notable addition to this RV is its pop-up rooftop canopy, designed to give campers a chance to enjoy nature from a different angle.

The canopy features patio furniture that can be disassembled and used on the roof. The canopy is not the only addition to the roof of the Live-Top RV; large perforated panels cover the roof and catch rainwater. The stored rainwater is then used to power the RV's toilets and showers.

Designers nowadays are creating future-forward concepts that, while impressive, probably won't see the light of day for some time. The Live-Top RV is one concept that bucks that trend. It is a step forward from a design standpoint, but it is also practical enough to be built using the technology available today.