Lite+Cycle Offers Earth-Friendly Candles You Can Compost

 - Nov 5, 2012
References: liteandcycle
Candle lovers are sure to adore these hand-crafted, compostable candles from Lite+Cycle.

Coming in a range of scents including bergamot, lavender and vetiver, each candle is hand-crafted from organic materials found around the world from Italy to Haiti that are free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Biodegradable, non-GMO soy wax is used for the base with mushrooms and other renewable materials added to the mix for a final product that will burn bright for up to 40 hours. Each scent is created using cold-pressed essential oil that pack serious power and make for fresh additions to the selection of candles in the market. When the wax is gone, simply break the remainder into pieces and place in your compost or garden; it’ll break down in about a month.