The Lira Luis Prototype for Flood-Avoiding Homes Don't Touch the Ground

 - Mar 31, 2016
References: liraluis & fastcoexist
Architect Lira Luis is trying to build levitating houses to prevent flooding. She hopes to build a floating villange on an island in the Philippines, where floods occur frequently. Others in low-lying areas have tried building floating structures or homes on stilts to address rising sea levels, but Lira Luis is trying to avoid the issue by not having the house touch the ground at all.

The concept utilizes magnetic levitation, which is already used in some transport systems, including Japanese bullet trains. Her idea for buildings wouldn't engage with water or the ground at all and would be accessible by ladders or bridges or even helipads or jetpacks in the future.

The current model is just 13 ounces and can levitate 1.5 inches off the ground.