Liquid Fusion by Atelier Peekaboo Explores the Formal Limits of Glass

 - Oct 9, 2012
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You'll find that most of the items in your home that are made from glass have been sculpted with a strict deliberateness of shape. Liquid Fusion by Atelier Peekaboo is a project that aimed to compromise with the natural tendencies of the lime, soda and sand mixture to produce a range of objects that have more organic silhouettes.

Paul Haigh's Glasslab welcomed the expertise of the skilled Marc Barreda, Lewis Olson and Chris Rochelle to make the Panse fishbowl, the Pinch coffee cup, the Puffin pitcher, the Lewis light fixture, the Ravaillac glass and carafe and the 51 tumbler. Each item is beautifully unique and expresses the character of the handmade manufacturing process of glass blowing. The products of Liquid Fusion by Atelier Peekaboo are enchantingly one-of-a-kind objects that offer functionality and fetching aesthetics.