Custard-Like Liquid Armor Stops Bullets Better than Kevlar Alone

 - Jul 11, 2010   Updated: Aug 8 2011
References: & popsci
British scientists have developed a liquid armor that is better than Kevlar. The material reacts to impact -- its molecules lock together to create a denser, as in bulletproof, surface.

Liquid armor absorbs bullet strike force and becomes thicker and more sticky, like custard. When layered with Kevlar, liquid armor increases protection. It is lighter, stronger and more flexible than Kevlar alone.

See a recent test video on the BBC report site.

Implications - This scientifically enhanced bulletproof vests are just one more way that science is making the world a safer place. The lighter element ensures smooth movement from officers armed with this level of protection that will enable them to meet the physical requirements of chasing crime while keeping protected against its dangers.