A Campaign for Lipton Ice Tea Shows Customers About to Be Eaten Alive

 - Jun 25, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
A series of ads developed by ad agency DDB Sydney shows Lipton Ice Tea enhancing your attractiveness to predators. Each print ad features a different predator drooling over a tea-consuming human. As unsuspecting people refresh themselves with an ice tea, predatory animals creep up behind them with an evil grin.

Lipton's ads feature each of the scenarios happening while the poor protagonists are out adventuring in exotic locations. From the swamp to the plains of Africa, the ads target adventure-seeking youth. The text "Lunch looks better with Lipton" accompanies the humorously horrific visuals.

DDB Sydney created three ads for Lipton. Each one advertises a different version of the tea. Accompanying the various flavors are different animals. The ad agency chose to promote the green tea, lemon and peach ice tea flavors.