The Peptides in Fake Bake's 'Lip Inflate' Onset Collagen Production

 - Oct 11, 2017
References: fakebake & trndmonitor
The 'Lip Inflate' from Fake Bake takes the form of a two-part system that includes a Collagen Plumping Lip Gloss Primer and a Collagen Plumping Mixer, both of which can be used to hydrate one's lips for a fuller look.

Depending on the results desired, one, two or three drops of the Collagen Plumping Mixer can be combined with the Collagen Plumping Lip Gloss. The peptide in this product stimulates the production of collagen, while other ingredients like glycerin and copolymer provide additional benefits. After application, one's lips are ready to be perfected with a lipstick or another lip product of one's choosing.

Some lip-plumping products use ingredients like cinnamon oil to intentionally cause irritation and swelling, but this one with peptides simply activates the production of collagen, the most abundant protein the body.