Like Belt by Deeplocal Has Wears Humping to Get Likes and Friends

 - Jan 27, 2012
References: wired
Thanks to the folks over at Deeplocal who created the ‘Like Belt’ it is no longer socially unacceptable to shove your junk on something or someone to show your appreciation. The Like Belt is an integrated piece of social software fashion, the Like Belt works similar to a QR scanner and posts the results directly to Facebook.

Utilizing Near Frequency Communication technology (NFC) the Like Belt is encased with a phone which has said NFC software built in and detects other phones, signs, or places with connecting software. Once it has found another item with the same type of technology the user simply presses the belt against the device against whatever to automatically "Like" something, or someone on Facebook.

Currently the Like Belt is being thought of being more productive for location based marketing and would allow for easier use of applications like Four Square. However although not its intended use this device may be the perfect accessory for dating websites moving forward—hump their leg, then brag to your friends that you like them—its hilarious and somewhat true to current culture.