The Soto Pocket Torch Lighter Design is Ideal for a Big Flame On-the-Go

 - Jul 26, 2014
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The Soto Pocket Torch is a great lighter for campers or wilderness junkies that don't want to carry around a massive blowtorch with them. The Soto Pocket Torch turns a standard lighter into a full-fledge blowtorch without compromising the lighter's compact size.

If you want large flame-delivering power, the Soto Pocket Torch is the ideal compact lighter for you to carry in your pocket. Simply slot in your standard pocket lighter into the Soto Pocket Torch design and watch as the Soto Pocket Torch nozzle turns your standard lighter into a mini-blowtorch. The Soto Pocket Torch comes with an adjustable dial so you can control the temperature of the flame. This would be a great gadget to have with you when you're camping and you need to make a big fire really fast.