The 'Alvea' Light Shade Imitates the Look of the Intricate Coral Reef

 - Aug 15, 2013
References: fancy
The 'Alvea' light shade from 'KaiGami' were inspired by the organic design of the deep-sea coral reef. The intricate shape weaves around in a whimsical fashion that when combined with the addition of color and light, it evokes a sense of tranquility.

The light shade is made out of pure white translucent polypropylene that is known for being a recyclable, durable and high-quality material. With such a stunning design this gorgeous wall light would be able to elevate the mood of any setting. The coral reef is a beautiful organic creation that is perfect as a design for a light such as this. When the light reflects through the material a remarkable pattern spreads across the wall that it's attached to creating a wonderful ambiance.