The ENESS Light Sculpture Installation is Responsive to Human Touch

 - Jul 12, 2016
References: eness & designboom
Design studio ENESS recently put together an interactive light sculpture installation located in Melbourne, Australia that features a spherical bubble with an array of webbed LED lights throughout the canopy exterior. When viewers come close to the structure, they can use their hand movements to control the change in the LED colors and brightness. The project, called the 'Sonic Light Bubble' is an extension of the Light in Winter Festival's theme that allows viewers to interact with the light to create a customized experience with the sculpture.

The 'Sonic Light Bubble' is made of an inflated clear exterior that is decorated with dozens of different sized floral LED lights that are clipped onto the walls of the sculpture. Consumers can touch the bubble to create an interactive light show.Photo Credits: designboom, eness