Shrouded in Another Layer, the Light Habitat Can Be Rolled Around

 - Feb 12, 2013
References: cargocollective
With the vast majority of household objects have an intended top and bottom. The Light Habitat was not made with this distinction, for you can decide quite spontaneously how you would like to set it up.

Fredrik Hojman, Sofia Josephson and Maja Frogard collaborated on the creation of the quirky table lamp -- or is it a floor lamp? The illuminator can be placed on any surface you desire, facing upwards, facing downwards or left to roll on its side.

You see, the lightbulb in the center of the fixture has been covered by a familiar flared lampshade, then this diffuser has been cloaked in another larger one of a diaphanous fabric. The two layers of protection formed by a wireframe structure make the Light Habitat adaptable to your taste and task.