The 'Spider' Light Collection Features Modern Designs and Styles

 - Sep 15, 2016
References: yankodesign
The 'Spider' light collection consists of illuminators that look to make the design of the light playful, overt and somewhat cartoon-like.

Designed by José Roca, the 'Spider' lights feature a spindle-inspired design that has multiple illuminators stretching out from a base that is either on the floor, affixed to the wall or hanging on the ceiling. They offer no-nonsense illumination that's inviting and clean, but also somewhat friendly in comparison to other lighting solutions on the market.

The disc illuminators on the 'Spider' light collection fixtures project from the base and look almost like floating saucers or toys. This allows them to be suitable for a wide array of different interior home designs ranging from ultra-modern, to traditional in style and aesthetic.