Toronto's Light Cafe offers a Range of Gourmet Food and Drinks

 - May 4, 2018
References: lightcafe
Light Cafe calls Toronto home but draws a strong inspiration from Taiwanese culture. The cafe offers a selection of gourmet drinks and food with a modern twist. Its philosophy is to "eat fresh, live true, stay hungry." The food menu is where the Taiwan influence is mainly translated, as there is a plethora of dishes inspired by traditional cuisine. There are choices of appetizers, pastas and risottos, sandwiches, desserts, coffee and tea. In addition to those, there are also refreshing alternative options such as smoothies, milk-based drinks and Italian sodas.

Light Cafe is also an ideal space designed to host a variety of events due to the comfortable ambiance that it exudes. The crew at Light Cafe has a passion for the industry and delivers service with energy and enthusiasm.