LifeLogger Records Life's Most Memorable Moments (SPONSORED)

 - May 13, 2014
References: lifelogger & kickstarter
Back in 2012, a team of tech-loving entrepreneurs had a discussion on memory and how nothing else better define us as humans. Their conclusion was that memory is the most precious asset we possess. Since then, that team has refined prototypes and tweaked concepts, and are now ready to launch the LifeLogger camera to world.

LifeLogger is wearable tech that captures life's most precious moments, giving users the ability to relive memories through crisp HD recordings. The LifeLogger cam is about the size of a AA battery, but it packs a whole lot of tech into that tiny space. The device can not only record HD video, but has face, text and audio recognition components built-in as well. It's also equipped with WiFi, enabling users to upload content to the paired cloud service for à la carte viewing. Oh yeah, it's also packed with GPS. When viewing videos at later dates, you'll never forget the location of your recordings.

Another great aspect of the LifeLogger camera is its ease of use. The camera is equipped with two buttons: one for recording video, one for shooting stills. Simply click to record and click to stop. With storage capacity of 32GB or 64GB, the LifeLogger camera has enough memory to capture lengthy videos.

But let's get back to that cloud service.

What really separates the LifeLogger camera from similar products is the integration of cloud storage. This automated component allows users to easily upload any captured data, leaving the heavy lifting of viewing and editing for later. A great feature that allows you to capture life's moments first, then relive and watch at your own convenience.

Support LifeLogger on Kickstarter today and start capturing your life's memories.