Life of a Salesman is a Commentary on 21st-Century Work Life

 - Jul 25, 2014
References: flickr & itsnicethat
There's something a little bit sad about Masami Tsukishima's latest series 'Life of a Salesman.'

The illustrations feature suited-up little fellows as they trudge to and from their monotonous office jobs. Though we can't see their expressions, we can only assume they are variations of sorrow, misery, bitterness or wistfulness.

Tsukishima plays with angles to illustrate that life is often an uphill battle for these salesman as they slave for "The Man." The more hellish aspects of the nine-to-five life -- such as the commute -- are conveyed with anarchistic drawings, such as one where trains enter the platform in flames. In another surrealistic drawing, little salesmen drones fall from the sky, trying to escape monstrous iPhones.