Chocolat's Chic Dessert is Garnished with White Chocolate and Whitecurrant

 - Aug 28, 2015
Chocolat's licorice pies are made from a blend of unexpected and organic ingredients. In addition to traditional ingredients like icing sugar, butter and eggs, this artisanal dessert also includes white chocolate ganache and licorice ingredients.

Once ready to serve, the blog's decadent recipe is garnished with whitecurrants and blue cornflowers making it even more beautiful than it is delicious. Known for its range or botanical dessert recipes, pasty blog Chocolat doesn't disappoint readers with this elegant confection tutorial.

Though inspired by gourmet pastries, this licorice pie is easy to re-create at home by experienced and patient foodies with an artful eye. The dessert is a guaranteed party hit and is a healthier alternative to traditional sweets thanks to its edible flower ingredients.