The Yun Incense Holder Looks Like and Aroma Spaceship

 - May 31, 2017
References: kickstarter & theverge
Yun is a levitating incense holder that works as the ultimate meditation tool.

Working from electromagnetic suspension technology, Yun looks like a floating aroma spaceship. As the pod balances over the base, hypnotic white smoke is emitted from the base of the pod. Watching the ever-changing smoke reminds the user to let their stresses float away. This levitating incense holder works by having the user balance the pod just-so over the base. If the pod isn't perfectly balanced it will drop dramatically onto the base, mimicking the sound of a zen master's blow and reminding the user to maintain their concentration. Once balanced, the pod will levitate indefinitely. The whole experience of using Yun is an exercise in mindfulness and provides the user with an extraordinary sense of calm.