The Levitabeats Sound System Impresses the Eyes and the Ears

 - Feb 28, 2013
References: & tuvie
The Levitabeats Sound System affords a super-sensory experience by which you're stimulated through your sense of hearing and your sight. The setup's unique and futuristic functionality is sure to impress with the way that it visualizes volume and rhythm.

The base of the vase-shaped amplifier is the powerhouse, featuring 360-degree speakers that direct most audio outwards but send the bass up the flue. A liquid nitrogen tank and electromagnet separate this amazing machine from its basic noise-emitting counterparts. The latter features facilitate the gravity-defying movement of a luminous disk.

The transparent chimney of Jongha Lee's Levitabeats Sound System houses this glowing ring. When the gadget is switched on, the hoop levitates and hovers halfway up. When a track is playing, the disk rises and falls, bouncing to the pulse of the music.