Level Naturals Body Polish Smooths without Plastic Microbeads

 - Oct 23, 2017
References: levelnaturals
Exfoliants often rely on plastic microbeads in order to scrub and break down rough skin, but Level Naturals Body Polish is a natural exfoliant that avoids the use of such harmful ingredients. The earth-friendly polish uses sugar granules to achieve the same effect as plastic microbeads, but that sugar is a natural ingredient that has no negative impact on the environment, while plastics pollute oceans and lakes and damage the natural ecosystems therein.

There are four scents of Level Naturals Body Polish: Eucalyptus + Lime, Grapefruit + Bergamot, Coffee + Sugar, and Lavender + Chamomile. The products are mainly separated by their scents — all four similarly help to smooth the skin through scrubbing and roughness provided by raw sugar granules.

On top of avoiding plastics, the body polishes are made from completely natural oils, sugars, and plant extracts.