LeveL's Lights are Brightest When the Exhibit is in Perfect Equilibrium

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: mischertraxler & dezeen
Mischer'Traxler, a Viennese design duo, created their illuminating 'LeveL' exhibit as the Austrian entry into the first London Design Biennale. The installation features a room filled with complex series of hanging lights on mobiles. Rather than these mobiles simply lighting up the room, though, LeveL's unique feature is that its lights will only reach maximum brightness if they are in equilibrium with one another.

The London Design Biennale's theme is Utopia by Design, and LeveL makes a statement about the importance of harmony among a series of separate but interconnected parts.

The exhibit's room is freely accessible for attendees, meaning that people moving through the space can have a direct impact on the lighting ecosystem. If someone touches a light, it may diminish its brightness, as well as the brightness of many other lights throughout.