This Colorful Still Life Series was Created by Leta Sobierajski

This wildly vibrant abstract series was created by talented photographer Leta Sobierajski. Most of these fantastic shots incorporate food (fruit, specifically) which has been painted or dressed up in one bizarre way or another. This series commands attentions with its popping colors and peculiar content.

The backgrounds in these abstract stills are orange, purple and blue. In some shots fruits like bananas and grapefruits have been painted black and white with patterns like polka dots. Other shots incorporate colorful hands, which are holding various types of fruits. Sobierajski definitely makes food seem more like art than sustenance in this intriguing and unusual series.

This series definitely has some pop art qualities that make it extremely visually appealing. These vibrant shots prove that still life photography can be extremely hypnotic, especially when bold colors and patterns are thrown into the mix.