Les Cordes by Mathieu Lehanneur is Inspired by Ropes of Light

 - Jul 4, 2013
References: mathieulehanneur.fr & fubiz.net
The Les Cordes light fixture is visually striking. Instead of taking on even a semblance of a traditional chandelier, it uses LED tubes in an artistically sculptural way to create an object that focuses as much on function as it does on form. Casting a warm glow, the Les Cordes light ensures that ambiance is also an important factor.

Created by Mathieu Lehanneur, a designer based in Paris, France, the Les Cordes light fixture is made out of borosilicate glass. As written by Lehanneur, "This chandelier was conceived as a rope of light crossing the ceiling, only bands of light and glass are visible. It is not an object. It is not a light fitting. It is the light itself that seems to live and circulate in the entrance space, as if stitched onto the building itself."