The Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide Art Institute of Chicago is Interactive

 - Dec 6, 2012
Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide's 'Open Something Greater This Holiday' campaign for the Art Institute of Chicago inspires Chicagoans to unwrap their favorite artwork this holiday season.

This unique and truly hands-on campaign builds on the excitement of unwrapping famous works of art through print, digital, social, out of home, transit, ambient and event. This experience is one of a kind and the unwrapping theme can be found throughout the campaign. Whether it is peeling back a print ad to reveal a work of art from the institute, unwrapping the Art Institute lions or even unwrapping an invitation to visit, the joy of revealing this unique campaign is scattered throughout Chicago.

Earlier this year, Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide was honored to be selected as the Art Institute of Chicago's pro-bono creative agency of record.