FotodioX's 'LenzCoasters' Stack to Form a Camera Lens

 - Aug 31, 2017
References: petapixel & gizmodo
Photo accessories brand FotodioX, recently released a new line of drink coasters dubbed the 'LenzCosaters,' a set of the circular, table-protecting accessories for the photography enthusiast.

Coasters are a living room staple, but their often boring designs tend to end up blending into the surroundings, making it difficult to encourage guests to use them. LenzCoasters solves this by offering the consumer a unique product which they can display and use with pride. Each piece contains a hidden magnet, holding the coasters together. When stacked, the coasters form a realistic-looking camera lens, offering a unique centerpiece for one's coffee table.

Thoughtfully designed, each item contains silicone padding on the top to help keep the drink from sliding around the table, while also offering an extra moisture-absorbing layer.