Make Delicious Lemonade Quickly With the Lemon Press by Luki Huber

 - Apr 23, 2011
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Keep it simple with the Lemon Press by Luki Huber; who needs the hassle of complex gadgets or technological appliances?

The simple but innovative Lemon Press is a handy little tool that instantly makes quick and easy lemonade. It fits right into your palm and allows you to squeeze exactly the amount juice you desire. You don't have to worry about seeds dropping into your refreshing drink, and the spout at the end makes it splatter-free. The neat thing about this design is that you can keep lemon halves in the press and store the press in the refrigerator to retain maximum freshness.

The Lemon Press by Luki Huber was a winner of two International Design Awards, which is to be expected considering the juicer's creative design and ease of use.