Denmark's LEGO Museum Will Be Designed with Thousands of Blocks

Later this year, Denmark plans to begin development toward the first LEGO Museum -- made up almost entirely of larger-than-life LEGO blocks. Visitors will be able to climb, play and interact with many parts of the museum, which will also feature a LEGO store, cafe and much more.

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA) are the architectural firms responsible for this collaboration. The firms' intent is not to be confined to our traditional understandings of a museum (visual), rather, it is to be a fully interactive and stimulating "experience center" (touching is allowed).

The companies have constructed a concept video to better understand the end product, but to give us a better idea, the LEGO Towers alone will be built out of 250,000 LEGO blocks, wow!