The LED Sputnik Lamp is a Wintery Touch to Any Room

 - Oct 7, 2009   Updated: Mar 25 2011
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The LED Sputnik light comes with star or spheric ends and in different colors including white, blue, red, green. These handy fixtures can be used indoors as well as outdoors, adding a really a retro modern touch to your decor.

Best of all, the LED Sputnik lamp is also a low power consuming object!

Implications - Everything that constitutes an element of interior design is eligible for customization and invention, which is why it's important for designers and companies to look at every object as a possible new invention waiting to happen. Instead of reinventing the wheel, products like the LED Sputnik Lamp show how a creative reinterpretation of an everyday object can still be something that is extremely appealing to consumers.