The Leaving Work App Automatically Sends a Message to Say You're Leaving

 - Aug 20, 2015
References: trndmonitor & lifehacker
It's important to many consumers to keep their spouses, significant others and friends in the loop of their whereabouts making the Leaving Work app an essential while out on the go. This clever app helps make your life easier by sending automated texts to alert others when you're on your way simply by knowing that you have left the office.

Communicating one's whereabouts is an important way to stay in touch, and the Leaving Work app aims to help you do so in a thoughtless manner. The app is constructed to instantly detect when you've left your place of work and send a corresponding message to whoever you wish. The app works by asking you for the numbers of those you wish to alert, a customized "I'm heading out" message and the times you usually leave work. From there the app takes care of the rest, and will send the numbers you've imputed a message to say you're on your way.