Learn to Unlearn with Lina-Marie Koppen's Disabled Home Designs

 - May 20, 2013
References: linamariekoeppen.de & thisispaper
Designer Lina-Marie Koppen created Learn to Unlearn, a line of furnishings that are peculiarly dysfunctional.

As it states on the cover of the collection's brochure, these faulty items are created with "please disable me or lets design failure" as their formal intentions. Made with minimal wooden frame designs and embedded with blue, broom-like bristles, the analogous furniture designs force users to rethink the way they interact with items in their environment. New modes of balance are necessary as well as a new way of using each item, making everything from lamps to stools seem unusual and alien.

Relearn everything you thought you knew about home furniture design with Lina-Marie Koppen's Learn to Unlearn interactive decor collection.